FIXONI is divided into four sub-brands. FIXONI Babytales is for the first years of life of your baby. The products in the collection contain both a classic and a modern expression. For both, a permanent choice of materials and a high level of comfort apply. (available in sizes 50 to 92) FIXONI Little Bee is our premature collection. Because the quality of the collection was given an enormous priority, it was designed in collaboration with nurse Helle Skovgård. All this to ensure that the designs meet the needs, care and comfort of premature children. (available in sizes 32 to 56) FIXONI Infinity is the basics collection, with which you can combine endlessly. FIXONI Infinity is a Never Out of Stock line. (available in sizes 44 to 92) Elemental by FIXONI is clothing for babies and toddlers between 0 and 2 years. Inspired by nature and produced in an environmentally friendly way. (available in sizes 50 to 92)