Mon Petit Loup

Their starting point is that children must be able to play outside without getting in the way of clothing. And why should this be at the expense of the design? At Mon Petit Loup, quality, portability and originality are paramount. This is reflected in the high-quality fabrics and the surprising prints.

Mon Petit Loup was born out of the need for a warm winter jacket that allows a child to play outside without compromising on the quality and style of the jacket. The choice for winter coats made of pure wool was therefore quickly made. Wool is naturally warm and breathable, so you get a jacket that is nice and warm, but not terribly thick. For (young) children it is still difficult to keep their body at the right temperature. The breathable characteristics of wool help your child to maintain a good temperature regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside. Of course we have taken into account in the designs that your child can still wear a thick sweater or warm cardigan under the jacket, without your child crammed in his or her jacket. The coats were designed by Ingrid Vuurman and Sacha Le Loux and were created from the coats that Ingrid made for her granddaughter Luna. The many nice reactions to this and the lack of similar coats in stores has led to the creation of the Mon Petit Loup brand.

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